Gay Romance love story - raised after feeling unhappy n frustrated with daddy

Ray, a teen, has to returns to live with his father after having been raised happily by his grandfather. He finds himself unhappy, angry, frustrated and disconnected over his father's hard line attitude and middle class way of life.

He decides to go to art school and it is there that he meets a student who makes him feel more comfort and happy. And those young men begin a relationship. But Ray doesnt feel love, Ray just enjoy the more comfortable life.

When his father finds him naked and in bed with another man, he realizes that he must come to terms with his own feelings about homosexuality which is something to which he had never given much thought.

But Ray later meets on his father's top employees and become involved almost immediately. Ray falls deeply on love but the other man is married. Of course there are problems--how will the two get together and what will Ray's father feel about his gay son ..

Gay Love - Boys Love
My Fair Son

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